10 Jan 2018

The BG Consulting Financial Modelling Primer

An Essential Resource for Anyone Managing Juniors Who Are Developing Their Modelling & Valuation Skills

The BG Financial Modelling Primer is a useful resource for anyone managing juniors who are developing their modelling and valuation skills.  The primer describes:

1. What is a financial model?
2. Why modelling is an essential part of a banker's technical toolkit
3. The stages involved in learning efficient financial modelling
4. A skills map for juniors from 1 to 6 years into their roles
5. A typical 12-18 month learning pathway
6. Types of financial models
7. Modelling glossary

Please click here to access a full copy of the BG Financial Modelling Primer

BG Consulting Are Leaders In Financial Modelling Training

Please contact BG Consulting to find out more about our approach to achieving excellence in corporate, financial institutions and project finance modelling & valuation:
  • Highly effective trainers with considerable experience who have the skills and ability to achieve your learning objectives
  • Our training encompasses a combination of learning solutions which create highly interactive sessions
  • Trainers with considerable experience in banking and other areas of finance allowing the trainers to challenge and stimulate more experienced audiences

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