3 Nov 2016

Real Estate Finance Training - May You Live In Interesting Times

The Need to Ensure All Staff Engaged in Real Estate Lending Are Able to Fully Evaluate Opportunities and Assess Risks Has Never Been More Relevant and Necessary Than It Is Today

We all know of the supposed ancient Chinese curse “May you live in interesting times…”   Well, for real estate professionals these are certainly interesting times!

There is the political impact of Brexit to play out in the UK and Europe, the impact of lower oil prices impacting real estate prices in parts of the Middle East, long term low interest rates in most markets, the increased capital costs of Basle III and with the impact of a divisive US election still unclear.

There are also fundamental long term changes occurring in the industry itself with the trend to shorter commercial leases with more frequent breaks, the continuing movement of demand from high street retail to distribution centres as internet retail continues to grow, and movements in residential markets from build to sell to new professional build to rent models.
It is at times of market disruption like this that the principles of good risk management come to the fore, and the high levels of current uncertainty should be causing Banks to stop and think how they respond to these changes to ensure they manage this difficult but important asset class through the cycle. 

This course is not about trying to predict what might happen next – it is about ensuring you are prepared whatever happens next.

So What Is the BG Training Solution to These Issues?      
BG Consulting has many years real estate experience and can tailor make a real estate course to client’s specific needs dependent on both their existing exposures and their ambition for the future.
It can also be designed as either an introductory programme for new staff less familiar with the real estate market and working with SME businesses, or as a master class programme for those more familiar with the sector and currently working with Corporates or looking to do so.

The programme covers the four main asset classes of:
  •       Commercial Investment
  •       Commercial Development
  •       Residential Investment including the rapidly growing Purpose Built Private Rented Sector (PBRS)
  •       Residential Development

The course will be based around the three fundamental of good real estate lending which are an understanding of:
  •       Asset quality
  •       Counterparty risk
  •       Deal structure

BG Consulting adopts a practical approach to learning and the course includes a balance between instruction, group discussion and exercises and real life case studies.
Please view the full outline of the training programme here.

About BG Consulting

BG Consulting is a leading global provider of bespoke training for financial institutions, offering our clients trainers who are proven leaders and experts in their field.  Our trainers have worked for the leading global banks and have experience of the full range of real estate deals from small local SPV developments through the to major cross-border syndications.

For more information, or to register an interest please contact us at marketing@bgconsulting.com