12 May 2015

The Bank Simulation That Lets You Manage The Bank - The Best in Experiential Learning

Manage A Bank - The BG Banking Simulation

BG Consulting (powered by Oxyor) is pleased to be able to integrate the Bank Manager simulation into our training.  This is an excellent means of teaching all manner of audiences the detail of how to manage the balance sheet of the bank.  The simulation can be adapted to junior audiences (graduates and/or interns), or made more complicated for senior, experienced bankers from all manner of roles. 

Simulations need to be deployed in the right context by talented trainers with banking experience, the BG and Oxyor team includes trainers with recent treasury experience from leading global banks.

In the Bank Manager  simulation, you will manage a (fictive) publicly listed bank over a full economic cycle.
  • Define the strategy for the bank
  • Fund and capitalise the balance sheet
  • Comply with central bank and industry regulation (Basel)
  • Invest for the future
  • Fund department budgets
In daily commercial management of the bank economic and stock market news items have to be analysed, competitive pressures to be countered, whilst keeping clients and shareholders happy!!  Good luck!

To find out more contact BG: http://www.bgconsulting.com/#!contact/c1fgx
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